A Brief Company History


HTS was first formed in 1973 to meet the growing demands of industry for technical design and drawing office works. Since that time HTS has flourished as an independent draughting and design office and has gained a reputation within the Structural and Mechanical Engineering sectors of industry for delivering outstanding results in its Conceptual Design, Structural Design and Draughting Services associated with a variety of engineering projects throughout the country.

Originally HTS was an abbreviation for Humberside Technical Services. More recently to facilitate the company to re-structure there was a need to change the company name to its current HTS Design Services Ltd. The abbreviation HTS is retained as this is readily recognised throughout our client base and reflects the core values that originally helped HTS develop in the early 1970’s.

Over the years our commitment to providing the highest quality of service backed by a trained permanent workforce has ensured our reputation as a competent reliable and cost effective solution to our clients' technical office requirements.

HTS has developed from the old traditional hand written design and draughting methods to using the current state of the art 2D/3D design and draughting software packages now expected in the modern day technical design office.

HTS retains its philosophy that the best practical solutions are obtained through a thorough appreciation of the problems faced in fabrication and on site, and by subjecting even the smallest design detail to critical analysis. This philosophy has ensured the success of many structural engineering projects, large and small, for a wide variety of clients.