HIPFIX Bureau Services


Primarily intended for structural steelwork manufacturing companies who do not have access to 3D Structural Modelling Software Packages.

"A Proven, Cost Effective Solution to Purlin Connections on Hips and Valleys"

HIPFIX is a structural steelwork detailing package aimed at resolving one of the most difficult, complex and time consuming areas of modern steel frame construction design.

That of detailing roof hip and valley corners used on portal frame buildings.

The package is run as a same day bureau service and provides clients with a complete, proven, simple, neat method of accurately fastening purlins to corner rafters - any type, any angle.

The cut lengths for purlins and location positions for fastening are calculated and fabrication drawings for all fastenings are prepared.

Flashing or gutter angles are calculated and if gutter size is requested for a valley style corner, then, HIPFIX calculates the full profile required.

Purlins can be located over the rafter beams or into the beams designs where headroom is at a premium.

HIPFIX checks all connections and dimensions to ensure that no part of the fasteners or purlins can foul either the steelwork or sheeting thereby reducing onsite erection times.


  • Fast and efficient service using proven construction details.
  • Eliminates set out and calculation work, saving time and lowering costs.
  • Provides exact purlin cleat positions and lengths for immediate procurement.
  • Provides workshop drawings for fixing cleats for immediate manufacture.
  • Uses simple fittings for ease of rafter detailing, manufacture and site assembly.
  • Provides full geometrical details for roof shape.
  • Purlin "over" or "into" rafter fixing options.
  • Any symmetrical or asymmetrical roof shapes.
  • Any combination of purlin sizes, shapes or materials.
  • Any hip or valley geometry layout.
  • Any purlin profile, Any material.